Peach Tea Cupcakes on Paula Deen

Peach Tea Cupcakes on Paula Deen

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Remember when I learned the best way to bake with tea?  I made jasmine raspberry cupcakes that I adored, and I warned you that more tea cupcakes were coming soon.  When the folks at Paula Deen requested a peach cupcake for the month of August, sweet peach tea immediately came to mind.  Can’t you picture Paula Deen sitting on her porch with one of my peach tea cupcakes?  Some day, I’ll get the chance to personally make one for her; but for now, I’ll just continue to widely grin about the fact that my cupcakes are on her website.

Head over to and check out the recipe for these Southern summer treats!

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10 comments on “Peach Tea Cupcakes on Paula Deen”

  1. Oh wow, they sound yummy. Making ‘tea’ cupcakes is definitely next on my list!

  2. oh my gosh…i love peaches. absolutely love them. this sounds amazingly yummy.
    i love making cupcakes. so far i’m working on the basics and decoration. but i really wanna move on. i can’t wait until i’m good enough to make these.

  3. Stef says:

    Anna – I’m sure you could make these now. They aren’t that hard.

  4. Dina says:

    Oh so next you should try another southern flavor!!! Pecan cupcakes! I’m so making this for my Mom when I go home to GA this Christmas!

  5. GREAT….looks delicious and love the pics!!!

  6. I will be trying these tomorrow! Pretty exciting.

  7. Cakenation says:

    These turned refreshingly delish. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. My God! My mouth is salivating just looking at those cupcakes!

  9. Bernaadette says:

    Paula Deen’s page is gone. Can you send me the peach recipe please.
    Thank you

  10. Christina says:

    Hi, The Paula page is gone! Any chance you would be willing to send me or post the recipe?

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