Kitchen Scale Winner

Kitchen Scale Winner

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It was harder than I expected for everyone to guess the weight of the chocolate on the digital scale. Most of you thought it was much heavier than it actually was. I assume this was because you either thought the scale was really large or you were just hoping for lots and lots of chocolate.

In ounces, the chocolate weighed:

So, the winner was:

As you can see, however, Meryl did not leave an email address. Call me a pushover, but I know we all forget things, so I am going to give her 24 hours to contact me with an email address. If I don’t hear from Meryl, I’ll award the prize to the second place winner:

Notice anything missing here? The 2nd place winner also forgot to leave an email address. I am also giving Anglerfish 24 hours to contact me with an email address in order to potentially win a prize.

And if I don’t hear from either of them?

If I don’t hear from either of them, the prize will go to:

Sweet_tooth left an email address!! (One other person guessed 350g, but they had no email.)

In grams, the chocolate weighed:

Thanks for playing!!

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5 comments on “Kitchen Scale Winner”

  1. Ammy Lea says:

    if they used thier blogger accounts… do you then ot have thier e-mail address by default?

  2. Stef says:

    Only if they have a public profile with their email address on it (like you). I checked and they did not.

  3. Nang says:

    I was really close at 320g! :(

    The key is to know which chocolate it is and how much in a package they usually sell the stuff in the US. :)

  4. michelle says:

    so close! lol im more impressed that i was able to guestimate so closely. i was only off by 23 grams. i should put my skills to use counting jellybeans or something :)

  5. Stef says:

    Nang – OH NO!!! You actually came in 2nd place! I feel so bad. I totally missed your comment! Bad bad me! If I hear from the person who I said won, I will send them a prize otherwise, I will send you one! Drop me an email with you mailing address. stef at cupcakeproject dot com.

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