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Missouri Cupcake Soap by Irie Star

Missouri Cupcake Soap by Irie Star

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I usually try to keep this blog to cupcake recipes and ingredients and leave the posts on cupcake shwag to All Things Cupcake and Cupcakes Take The Cake. I’m going to choose to forget my failed campaign to sell Save the Cupcake products. Even the person who won my giveaway contest said she didn’t want her shirt. However, a friend (who incidentally bought one of my cupcake t-shirts) gave me this Irie Star cupcake soap and it was so pretty that I had to let Jonathan give it its own special photo shoot.
I thought it posed quite nicely.
Irie Star is based in St. Louis, but they do sell their gorgeous cupcake soaps online. I can tell you that it smells great, but I can’t report on how it works as a soap because I can’t imagine ever actually washing with it.
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4 comments on “Missouri Cupcake Soap by Irie Star”

  1. CupcakeLady says:

    The cupcake soap is too pretty to use!

  2. Cakespy says:

    I love this! What a great gift (for myself!).

  3. ley says:

    Aww, I would wear your shirt! I…just wouldn’t buy it. Not because its ugly, though! I’m just po’. lol.

    Anyway…cute soap! I would try to eat it. Ohh- what a great April Fools joke that would have been! Muuahahah!

  4. Stef says:

    Cupcakelady – I know! It’s so gorgeous.

    Cakespy – Hah! That’s the best kind!

    Ley – Thanks. That was sweet. That would be so mean to serve someone the soap. I think they would figure it out pretty soon.

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