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9 Hours = 250 Unfrosted Cupcakes

9 Hours = 250 Unfrosted Cupcakes


For the Statisticians:

It takes 0.46296296296296296296296296296296 minutes to bake an unfrosted cupcake.

My mom, who teaches math, is cringing as she reads this.

My Florida math minor friend is also cringing. That isn’t a guess though, she is sitting next to me. “Math doesn’t work that way.”

Reality Check:

Even if you choose to accept my flawed statistics, you should be warned. This is me and well, it was 9ish hours and 250ish cupcakes. I did have someone do an official count, which I appreciated greatly. He gave an exact number and I heard 250ish.

Status Update:

With the exception of a few gingerbread latte cupcakes that exploded and had to become taste test cupcakes for my Florida friend, all turned out quite well.

Also today, we (yes, I enlisted some help on this part) assembly-line frosted the margarita cupcakes. I spread the frosting, my LA friend sugared/salted the rim, and my husband drink umbrella-ed them (can I made that a verb?).

Tomorrow, all that’s left is frosting the gingerbread latte and the soda fountain cupcakes. Easy peasy! I hope.

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7 comments on “9 Hours = 250 Unfrosted Cupcakes”

  1. Glen says:

    Nice work with all them cupcakes!

  2. Awesome! Good luck the rest of the way…

    I visited “Cupcake Command Central” and it was quite an operation indeed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So very impressed with your effort and generosity! Great luck tonight!
    Love and kisses, Mom XOX
    Happy New Year!!
    Love to the bride and groom!

  4. Feel like doing another event???

    (By the way, I think I’ve gained 5 pounds just by visiting your blog. It gets my sweet tooth going!)

  5. Jeannie says:

    GREAT CUPCAKES! I couldn’t pick a favorite! Great job!

  6. Splotch says:

    Well done Stef, mountains of congratulations!!

    I do hope you’re going to keep the blog going, even now you’ve successfully completed your mission :D

  7. Stef says:

    Thanks everyone!!

    Splotch – The blog is not going away. I’ve become too attached to it.

    Courtney – It depends when the event is. I’d consider it. Feel free to drop me an email. FYI: My husband will not be happy that I’m saying that. :)

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