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Cupcakes and Crowns

I received an email from Gabriela, a blogger from Toronto, that included the following text:

“Cupcakes and crowns make a great combo when it comes to sharing good times with friends, family… They make a great party!”

While it is clear that cupcakes are a dessert worthy of royalty, I had never considered cupcakes and crowns as a combo before: cupcakes and milk, cupcakes and ice cream (maybe), but never cupcakes and crowns.

Upon further consideration, though, I realized that Gabriela had a great point. Why not honor someone on their special occasion with both a cupcake (created for them here at cupcakeproject) and a crown? If you are lucky enough to live in Toronto, you can take Gabriela’s classes and learn how to make some amazing crowns. Regardless of where you live, you can buy her crowns on her Etsy Shop. These crowns are worthy of any prince, princess, queen, or king in your life.

To prove her dedication to the cupcake and crown combination, Gabriela has created some adorable Christmas ornaments using cupcake wrappers and photos of people wearing crowns, of course. What a unique and cheap idea for the cupcake lover on your holiday gift list!

More gift ideas will be coming to this blog soon… stay tuned.

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